If you want to turn your dogs into champions then you have to work very hard at it.
One of the most important things is to start with the care of the coat when
your puppy is still very young and therefore some discipline is necessary,
for the dog as the boss. It is a daily ritual!
This also applies for exercise and practising walking on the lead.
Ring training is a good basis to learn this, while being both amusing and pleasant too.
In this way the dog also learns to associate with other dogs.
I go regularly to a dog-exhibition to present my dogs to a judge.
The judge can give different qualifications that include;
moderate, good, very good or excellent.
If they achieve the qualification "excellent " then the best dog and bitch
win the championship (CAC). If a dog has won a CAC 4 times in the Netherlands
with the last being when he/she is older then 27 months
he/she becomes Dutch Champion.
The judge judges the stature of the dog as well as the teeth and gums,
the fur and the movement of the dog but also the presentation is important!