Kamp. Beau-Elle


Dutch Champion
" Quite-Right of the Dinky Diamonds"


Beau-Elle delivered her puppies on Valentines Day - 14th. February 2003
It was a litter of four puppies, three bitches Quinty, Daisy and Meggy
and their little brother Laska. 
It had been decided from the beginning that one of the bitches would be kept
but which one it was going to be would remain a difficult decision. 
The sweet but small Daisy, or the tougher Meggy who was so deliciously smart
from the beginning, or may be Quinty, who was a nice and quiet puppy
(and was initially called Yellow because of the yellow collar she carried).
Eventually it became Quinty and she developed into a beautiful Maltese,
just like her sisters and brother.

Quinty is a quiet, much-loved, gentle and modest lady. 
Is easily satisfied and often lets Pepper and Julia literally walk all over her. 
They pull at her hair-wraps and I am the only one who finds that awful, it doesn’t bother her at all. 
As long as she can play then everything is permitted as far as she’s concerned,
which often makes it difficult to keep her fur in good condition and give her the chance to play
but I think the last part is very important because as a young dog she must have the chance
to develop in combination with her peers and that doesn’t work by keeping her isolated
from the other dogs. 

During the past year she has been on the exhibition circuit already
at different times and not without success! 
She started at the Kampioenschapsclubmatch 2003 and became Best Pup in Show. 
In 2004 we started her on the International Exhibitions and in the between time
she has gained plenty of points:
she has won 4 CAC’s, 3 CACIB's, BOB and 6 Reserve CAC’s.
14 may 2005, exact 27 months old, she has finished the Dutch Championship!

Quinty is a real little Lady, in build as well as character!  Quite-Right! 

* 14-02-2003- † 25-10-2018