Kamp.White Dancer v.Voorne's Home, NJK'16, CW'16 (George) x Kamp.Pure Pleasure of the Dinky Diamonds, NJK'18 (Pleasure)



Diamond Gemini Maybach, NJK'17 (Merci) x Kamp.Sweet Passion of the Dinky Diamonds, JW'15 (Sweety)

              Super Charmer    Chester
            Sweet Melody   Pip

Super Charmer of the Dinky Diamonds aka Chester

Pups 9 weken

Pups 7 weken

Pups 4 weken

Pups 2 weken

Pups 5 dagen



Ch.White Dancer v.Voorne's Home (George) x Pure Pride of the Dinky Diamonds (Pride)

            Pure Allure    Pancho
           Pure Luxury Django
          Pure Fantasy Kelsey

Pups 9 weken

Pups 7 weken

Pups 4 weken

Pups ogen open

Pups 3 dagen




Ch.Prada Snowflower v. Voorne's Home x Clear Crystal of the Dinky Diamonds

        Crysia's Final Edition

               Just Amazing Happy            
        Extra Special Milo

Pups 9 weken



Kamp.Oh So Fabulous of the Dinky Diamonds x Kamp.Golden Grace of the Dinky Diamonds, NJK'14

          Glamour Shine George
                Precious Gift
            Gracious Girl

Pups 10 weken