Dutch Champion
"Pure Passion of the Dinky Diamonds"
Youth-Winner 2004
Topmaltese 2005

*26-01-2004 - 06-03-2016 

Pepper has been born on 26th January 2004 under the same star-sign as Quinty - Aquarius.
She was the only girl in the litter and has 2 brothers, Max and Tika.
It was not my intention to keep her but already by her birth I was under the spell of this little one. 
She was the last one born and what I held in my hand looked like a lifeless puppy and
only from experience I know that you must not let go but have to try everything and
sometimes it succeeds ….. suck, clean, pain stimulus, resuscitate, drip the Nutri-drops
in the mouth and it feels like its taking ages but at last there is that little peep! 
Every other breeder knows what I mean you are already thinking that it isn’t going to
succeed and then there is that miraculous noise…in this case it was Pepper’s noise. 
After that, you continue to be amazed that how, after such a start,
this little puppy lays just moments later suckling together with her brothers at the
nipple with mother Beau-Elle as if that difficult entrance had never occurred. 

I was instantly charmed by her will to live, I loved her from the beginning and as the time
went by I knew that Pepper had to remain in my life; such a glad, energetic puppy-girl
with her funny face, you have to enjoy.
In no time at all she has reached the age of two years and she has developed excellently.
Pepper is a quite an intelligent dog but is also very naughty and full of tricks. 
Wherever I am, Pepper want to be there too and when she isn’t she requests
the attention with her short alarming bark.  With Julia, her favourite playmate,
“Duo-Vice” is complete. And… she is also very jealous of the other dogs.
If I am combing one of those then she goes outside barking with the expectation
that I will come outside to put a stop to it immediately because of the
neighbours - they don’t like it!
Then she looks at me with those naughty eyes with an expression that says:
“Good hey????  Look at me!” 
At those times it’s very hard to stay angry………I melt almost straight away.  Pure Passion……… 

In the mean time, Pepper has been several times with me to the Exhibition. 
Just like Quinty, she started at the Kampioenschapsclubmatch 2004 and became Best Pup in Show
and followed through to be at the Winner in Amsterdam.  At only 10 months old she joined
in the Youth-class and then became the title of Youth-Winner 2004.  
She has closed 2004 by winning Best of Breed in Wijchen and started 2005
by winning Best of Breed in Zuidlaren, and did the same in Leeuwarden,
Goes and Berghem and won her 6th CAC in Echt, her 7th CAC in Bleiswijk
and the 8th one in Zwolle!
She has won also 4 CACIB's.

Pepper has won her last championship in Arnhem and is
Dutch Champion !!!.

In the night of 5th/6th March 2016 she decided that it had been enough
and didn’t wake anymore ........she went to find a new home in paradise.

…Goodbye dear Pepper...