I would like to introduce myself. Iím Bea Baard and the Maltese breed has been part of my family
more than 17 years. What started as an "extra family member" led to the discovery of,
in my opinion, the nicest breed in existence. I have had three other breeds in my life but Daisy,
my first Maltese, was the best pet I ever had. I had her for 15 years until we sadly lost her.
Her arrival was the start of my kennel "The Dinky Diamonds"
Our Maltese are bred, loved, raised and looked after in domestic circle with a new litter of puppies
once in a while! For breeding we use exclusive excellent bloodlines, so that our pups are
exceptionally beautiful and also very healthy. 
Naturally, it is our intention that if your choice falls on a puppy from our kennel then you
can enjoy this beautiful breed, the Maltese, very much and for a very long time. 
From the start of the Dutch Maltese Club I'm a member and
have been President for a couple of years as well.