Little Daisy v. Countess of Holland

30-11-1988              -              13-01-2004

In the beginning of 1989 Daisy came to live with us.
After the sudden loss of our Yorkshire Terrier Nicky at only 4 years old,
we came to the conclusion that we needed a new pet as a friend for our Lady.
My husband wanted a Yorkie again but my preference went to a Maltese,
such a beautiful white dog!!! Alexander had his way. It became Bengy.
Meanwhile I hatched my plan to also get a Maltese at home.
That succeeded without knowledge of the rest of the family, or so I thought.
The day I went to get Daisy, I arrived home to find a note on the door of the living-room:
“Are we going to get another family member?????”
He knew me so well! 
Daisy was the biggest of the litter, born on 30th November
(the birthday-date of my husband and that was not the only reason that
he allowed himself to become charmed by her), and grew up to be
a dear, sensitive and especially healthy Maltese. 
She was to be the founding member of "The Dinky Diamonds".

I enjoyed her presence for more than 15 years, and we were parted with great sorrow. 
She was always very well attuned to my moods.
She gave birth to beautiful, healthy pups.
Two of the three dogs from her first litter,
JOEY (Ch.Quite-Delight of the Dinky Diamonds) 
RASCAL (Royal Rascal of the Dinky Diamonds)
turned respectively 16 en 15 years old !
 Dutch Champion Beau-Elle, from her last litter, lives with us.
Beau-Elle is the image of Daisy in appearance as well as character
and I catch myself calling her Daisy sometimes. 

Daisy was in a perfect health until the warm summer of 2003 when
her health and strength failed her. She got very distressed but like a miracle
she got well again for a while with help of medicines.
In the night of 12th/13th January 2004 she decided that it had been enough
and didn’t wake anymore ........she went to find a new home in paradise.

…Goodbye dear Daisy...