Abbyat Candy Man

Dutch Champion
Beau-Elle of
The Dinky Diamonds


Little Daisy
Countess of Holland

Dutch Champion
"Beau-Elle of the Dinky Diamonds"

*14-05-1997 - 11-02-2014


Beau-Elle was born in Daisy’ s last litter
14 may 1997 and died at the age of 16 years and 9 months.
Her father was the frequent champion Abbyat Candy Man
An English import-dog, bred from the best English bloodlines.
In 1995 I bred this combination for the first time and was quite satisfied about the result. 
Due to difficult circumstances following the very sudden death of my husband Alexander
in June of 1995 it was impossible to keep one, although I did have the chance to follow
a number of these pups in their development. 

A few years later I repeated the combination and Beau-Elle stayed. 
Her name she was chosen thanks to my children who were told that they may choose her name, which they did by pricking a place-name in the Atlas: Böel, a small place in the extreme north of Germany against the Danish border. By giving it a French spelling her name became Beau-Elle. 

Beau-Elle is a Lady with a quite stable character. She also sleeps in my bed! 
Once when she was a little ill I took her with me to bed and since I did I can’t
even attempt to leave her in the living room as she won’t let me have a moment’s sleep. 
She has obviously decided that she has conquered that spot for the rest of her existence. 
Since Daisy past away she has become the First Lady.

Beau-Elle has had a beautiful show career and is Dutch Champion!
Also she was Best Bitch of 1999 and even also the Best Self-Bred Bitch of that Year!

After her show career, she has had a few litters.
Quinty (Dutch Champion),
Pepper (Dutch Champion and JW'04, 9 x CAC, 5 times Best of Breed),
Julia (Dutch Champion and JW'/W'05, 8 x CAC),
Gucci, Lucy (Dutch Champion/CW) & Paris
live with me and one by one became
excellent examples of the breed.
Beau-Elle is a tremendous mother to her pups and is always caring and
educating as well, a strong, healthy bitch to be totally proud of. 
I'm grateful for having her such a long time.